January is about much more than just taking the health option, it’s about making decisions that have a wider impact, whether that’s the food we consume or our choice of drinks. 

We’re extending our ethical beliefs with a plant based menu this January and using it as a platform to launch of an exciting new non alcoholic menu. We’re sourcing local ingredients, re-loving the leftovers working with what we’ve got.

Take a look below to check out what’s going on this January at Kitty Hawk.

Plant Based Menu

Our plant based menu focuses not only championing great produce but ensures we align with our sustainable ethos. Our kitchen team are giving a home to second grade butternut squash, and using otherwise wasted broccoli stems to create an interesting new bar snack.

Non Alcholic Cocktail Menu

Minimal waste and minimal alcohol – that’s our inspirations for the launch of our non-alcoholic cocktail menu. We’ve re-purposed morning coffee grinds to create a syrup and use herb stalks from kitchen waste in our green juice. It’s this collaborative approach from our teams that helps us ensure we’re doing things the right way.


There’s plenty more of the good stuff going on this January, from extending our current partnerships to developing relationships with others to do our bit to help. Check out our blog to find out a little bit more about the good stuff.

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